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The Rethink Food Waste Conference took place virtually on 6th to 8th of May, 2021. An international multisection conference co-organized by the Hellenic Mediterranean University and Harokopeion University with the organizational support and know-how provided by Team Sympraxis. The conference was under the auspices of the Green Fund. The RETASTE aimed to address the social aspects of food waste issues, as well as to highlight ways to tackle social and perception barriers against reducing our environmental footprint, thus shifting the evolving future of social, market, and global megatrends. Within the RETASTE conference, on 7th of May, the FOOD FOR FEED workshop took also place. In this workshop, more than 15 presentations were presented by all partners and by other relevant projects and more than 80 people attend this workshop.

Today, 33% of croplands are used for livestock feed production. Food waste has been a traditional source of animal feed for household animals but had to be banned from the livestock breading industry due to sanitary concerns. The wide disparity in government policies among countries regarding recycling of food waste into animal feed has severely limited the ability to reuse the valuable nutrients and reduce the negative environmental impacts of food waste. This session deals with solving these issues with state of the art approaches.

The Food for Feed workshop is part of the “Food for Feed: An Innovative Process for Transforming Hotels’ Food Waste into Animal Feed”, LIFE+ Project.