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The objectives of the project are to determine and evaluate:

  • the quality of the animal feed produced by the pilot-scale unit, in relation to the hotels’ source separation system of the generated waste and the proposed drying/ pasteurising methodology, based on solar drying technology,
  • the various technical aspects of the proposed process.

The main components of the process are:

  • the non-invasive separate collection with a refrigerated vehicle,
  • hand sorting and removal of non-food wastes,
  • grinding,
  • solar drying/ pasteurising of the mixed food, and
  • mixing with other animal feed (e.g. corn) to achieve high-quality standards,
  • the financial, marketing and environmental parameters related to the process and product (from the source to the shelf).
  • the commercial viability of full-scale units, including the approach of the customers/ end-users towards the new feed, will be assessed. Part of the environmental evaluation will be the determination of the environmental footprint of the food residues converted to animal feed,
  • the appropriate parameters for scale-up, dissemination, replicability and transferability processes, towards a full-scale facility, and
  • the policy parameters related to the process, such as the potential role in waste minimisation and reuse of non-recyclable wastes (part of an integrated solid wastes management scheme), as well as the Roadmap to a Resources-Efficient EU.